Not everyone has a sense of being awesome in this world. We are proud that you think you are awesome.

We, as a human being spend so much of our time on thinking about our negatives and where we lack that we somehow forget everything good about us, and everything we overcame during the years.

It’s a fact that we can’t always be the “Hero” of the movie, but still, we believe that you are an excellent personality.

When most of the people would have gotten down, you were able to stand up and triumph.

Let me count the number of ways you rock!


#1 You have vision even when nobody else can see it.

7 Reasons Why You Are Simply Awesome

Believing yourself and your vision is one of the primary reasons why you are awesome. Not everyone has the courage to stick to what they believe.

They let their mind flow with the word of others. If you are different from them, you are awesome and the one that this world is looking for.

Trust me, no great leader in this world was able to succeed by following the masses.

If you have the dream of standing out from the crowd, do what the crowd isn’t doing.

People may call you “crazy,” but one day, they will realize that you were right.


#2 You are fearless in taking the next step

Taking the right risk is one of the most important aspects of being successful.

If you are a bold risk taker, I am proud to call you an “excellent personality.” Risks are risks, no matter you are dealing with $100 or $100 million, never think that you’re small.

Always take the first step with eyes full of hopes, if it works, you are ready to go. If it doesn’t, you are free to try it again.


#3 You know that the time will pass anyway

God never discriminated, and you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce or Bill Gates. So, why waste it by living a life with no aim? You better utilize your 24hrs to become a person of value and achieve new heights in life.

Well, you are already doing so, I am sure about it.

This is just another reason are you are awesome. Think I am lying?

Ask an average person what he does with his time, and you will be surprized to know how productive you are.


#4 You never settle

Never settle, doesn’t mean you are greedy. It only means that you expect something better.

If you are a person who constantly tries to improve your present life, you are truly awesome. Yes, I can say that again! Never settle for anything.

However, make sure that your needs don’t turn into greed. Needs can always be fulfilled, but greed can’t be.


#5 When someone hurts you, you move on

7 Reasons Why You Are Simply Awesome

Moving on is a sign of healthy heart and mind. It means that you were able to handle the situation and just don’t want to face the same in the future. Holding on to something hurts you like hell. So, if something hurts you, just move on!

Don’t cry because you faced something bad, smile because it happened.

If you are a guy or girl who moves on, after being hurt, you are awesome according to me.


#6 You take every day as a new chance

Yes, every new day is a gift to us to make things happen; the ones that you weren’t able to do yesterday should be done today.

Try your best and see things working the exact way you wished.

If you are already doing the same, you know that you are _____, yeah you are awesome.


#7 You’re too busy doing incredible work

Why boringly waste your precious life? I know you aren’t doing so. You are busy with your fabulous work, and I love your characteristic.

But, if you are enjoying wasting time, that’s okay too. Because someone wise once said:

The time wasted in enjoying is not a wasted time.

Try to do everything you love doing every day, and you will be able to lead a happy life.