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So, the winter has begun! Thus, as every year, with the first cold days beginning unpleasant problems with the skin. In winter, the skin is often dried and due to long-term residence in the heated indoor premises in such conditions relatively quickly gets hurt the natural protective layer of skin. Without moisture, surface or epidermal layer is much easier to be damaged, which later contributes to the rapid occurrence of wrinkles, spots, and other discoloration.

Skin needs constant preventive care that restores the protective hydro-lipid layer so as to prevent flaking, redness, lichens, and even eczema and allergic reactions, with an unpleasant feeling of tension and dryness.

Fortunately, there is a host of simple ways with whom you can avoid a skin dehydration, retain and even improve her quality. These are some of them:

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Hydration fat plus urea

It is necessary to compensate for the moisture that the skin lost, and you will do the best with creams, besides moisturizing substances, they also contain oil. Fats in creams make a film on our skin and do not allow the disclosure water. The cream should contain fatty acids and natural moisturizing factors, which have a higher water binding capacity. These are urea, glycerol, an alpha-hydroxy acid.



Peeling removes dead cells from the skin surface, allowing better penetration of moisturizing substances from the cream. Besides that, the rough callous skin substitutes with rejuvenated, which has more collagen and elastin.

Body peeling should work once or twice a week. If your skin is arid, avoid harsh mechanical peelings.

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Lips and eye contour rehydration

In the task of protecting a facial skin from the cold, we must not forget hydration of two as sensitive as lips and eye contour areas.

To combat dryness and to crack of the lips, it is necessary to add them moisture and rehydrate them daily with Vaseline or a good lip balm regenerator. It is necessary to use a lip balm several times a day, soon as you feel the dryness of lips. At bedtime, it is desirable to lubricate the lips with a thick layer of Panthenol, to maintain their moisture and tenderness.

Applying a special moisturizing cream for the eye contour will help you to maintain a more luminous and look pretty at this time of the year.



Girl taking a shower in winterDo not shower with hot water. Instead, take a shower with lukewarm water. Avoid prolonged hot baths, which dehydrate the skin and destroy its natural oils. Also, avoid strong antibacterial soaps, which further degrease the skin.

If you like lying in the warm water, it is best to add the water Bath Oil. In the tub pour a third of a bottle, and an even better result you will get if, before entering the bath, apply on your skin a mixture of oil and body milk. On two tablespoons of cream, put ten drops of oil.

While enjoying the bath, your skin will absorb everything she needs and the excess will dissolve in water. After a bath, do not rinse your body, wrap with a towel and wait until the skin absorbs all the water.

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Sun protection

Winter sun is nothing more friendly to the skin of the summer sun. So continue to use the daily moisturizer with an SPF of 15, and when you go to winter vacation, take the one that you used in the summer, with SPF 50. If you are freckled and prone to stains, choose a special cream to prevent hyperpigmentation.


Room humidifiers

Humidifiers in the form of aerosols, which receives more humidity in indoors with central heating and other forms of heating, will prevent further drying of the skin caused by dry and warm air.


Intake of vitamins A and C

Besides protecting the skin from the cold based on good hydration and other techniques, take care of our food is essential to ensure a fresh and radiant. Integrates to your diet foods rich in vitamin A and C to look more beautiful and youthful.


The start of each care begins from the inside

woman, legs, girlTry you dedicate at least half an hour of time for yourself and the little things that make you happy. Will it be meditation, massage, listening to music, walking, playing with the dog… all this will contribute to your mood to more efficiently deal with the exhausting winter conditions.

Do not forget that people who are happy are naturally more open, calmer, healthier and more beautiful. We all prefer to be with a person who is cheerful because at the same time makes ourselves feel good. Let that be a reminder and motivator to find still the time in which you will devote to yourself.


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