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The immune system is the first line of defense against any invaders preying on your good health and well-being. Giving it a boost isn’t a monumental task, but then again, there are many ways to undermine its functioning as well.

On one hand, we have simple, healthy habits that are the bedrock of illness prevention. On the other, we see the careless behavior that can wreak havoc on the body. In the latter case, you are more likely to catch a virus but also less capable of fighting it off.

So, it is time to realize that what you eat, how much you sleep, and the kind of habits you establish has a crucial role to play in enhancing your immune system.


Let your good mood show

Many people overlook that our mood has a profound impact on the immune system. Believe it or not, giggling and laughing is more than just telltale signs of how amused you are: These things raise the levels of antibodies in blood as well as white blood cells.

This means that your system becomes better equipped to deal with bacteria and viruses. On top of it, the antibody levels in the nose and respiratory passages are increased, hence keeping the germs at bay. Another study found that feel-good activities like singing also increase the antibody production in the body.


Change your eating habits

Nutrition is the mainstay of a healthy lifestyle and nutrients are its building blocks. For instance, good fats are a driving force behind the production of hormone-like compounds that ramp up the immune system’s ability to combat infection and other invaders.

Unsaturated vegetables are a great source of these fatty do-gooders. However, trans fats are to be avoided at all costs. Moreover, you need to steer away from one widespread habit, excessive sugar consumption. Opt for natural sweeteners that do not inhibit the ability of white cells to tackle bacteria.

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Build a healthy, balanced diet

6 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Likewise, try to eat include more fatty acids called omega-3s in your diet. Oily fish works miracles for you in this regard. These acids regulate immune system function and increase the production of anti-inflammatory compounds in the body.

To further boost the immune response, consume wholesome produce like mushrooms, almonds, garlic, onion, and citrus. The latter is staple food because our body cannot store vitamin C. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to have a daily intake of it. With the Kenwood citrus juicer, you can easily prepare a vitamin-packed cup. That way, you boost the activity of phagocytes, cells that digest bacteria.


Get active

To unlock the full potential of your immune system, you have to get moving. Namely, your body reacts to physical exercise by producing more bacteria-busting cells. Scientific studies have shown that people who do that have half as many colds and sore throats compared to those who are inactive.

And to encourage long-lasting changes, you need to perform workout on a regular basis, establish a steady routine that is. In the process, you can count on other benefits like decreased stress and anxiety, which improves the picture of your mental health.

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Good night’s sleep

6 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Good sleeping habits are essential. For most people, this involves 7-8 hours of shuteye each and every night, no exceptions. So, you might have to ditch that binge-watching until the wee hours and try to always drift away to the dreamland at roughly the same time.

Likewise, it might be a good idea to remove electronic devices from your bedroom and minimize the number of distractions. You will reduce the likelihood of picking up diseases and becoming another victim of a virus epidemic.


Increase sunlight exposure

To reinforce your immune stronghold, take advantage of the natural blessing, the sunlight. Exposure to it is one of the most efficient ways to stock up on vitamin D, the immune system supercharger.  Thus, make sure to soak up some sun every now and then.

Even in winter, venturing outside, however hostile it may seem, is something that enables you to reap nice health benefits. Just do not go overboard because you risk skin cancer and sunburns. Between 15 to 20 minutes is enough for the effects to kick in.

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Healthy as a horse

6 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Step up and embrace a proactive approach. Instead of stockpiling tissues and frantically washing your hands, start making positive changes in your life. Do your body a favor and it will thank you in the best possible way.

Make workouts an integral part of your weekly routine and mind your eating habits. Take the production of germ-fighting cells to the next level and avoid the abyss of the flu season.

Have your system revving and turn it into an impregnable fortress of health.


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