From Being An Ordinary Girl to Becoming An Inspiration: An Extraordinary Journey of Caitlyn Roux

Caitlyn Roux, a 21-year-old South African girl, is a model, motivational speaker and currently pursuing in branding at Vega College in Cape Town. Her life looks flawless in photos, but there is always an invincible side to every individual which no one notice. Same is the case of this beautiful girl whose life looks unblemished in photographs.

From being a people pleaser to delivering a TEDx talk on Self Love, Caitlyn has come a long way having become an epitome of inspiration for many.

We reached out to Caitlyn to find out more about her life, her struggles while growing up as a child, and her perspective on how hard is the life of a model. Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Caitlyn Roux

Do you think writing helped you overcome difficulties in your life? If Yes, then how?

Caitlyn: Yeah, I definitely think writing helped me get through every mess I was dealing with. It allowed me to get my feelings out without having to tell someone so that I can deal with problems myself.

Getting your thoughts out on a piece of paper is way better than anything else. Such a relief.



What is happiness, according to you?

Caitlyn: Happiness is a wealth that you create for yourself.

So many people try to tell us what happiness is. For me at least, Happiness is not a person or a materialistic possession: Happiness is something that you find on your own terms. It is something that you only know what happiness feels like. And it’s not the same for everyone.

It’s just about accepting yourself as the person you are. Not trying to change anything about yourself all comes down to loving yourself. You can only like yourself when you stop comparing yourself to others and start loving who you are. It’s human nature to compare often.


What are some of the practical ways to develop self-mastery?

Caitlyn: Getting yourself out of the comfort zone and doing everything that you can, and trying to learn more about yourself. When you are out of your comfort zone, that’s when you grow as a person. Remember- being in your comfort zone always and doing the same thing sticking around the same people around; you won’t get a chance to grow and learn about yourself.

Comfort zone has no room for growth.



Caitlyn Roux

If you were not a model, what profession would you be into today?

Caitlyn: I’m currently studying in Branding. It’s my final year of study, and simultaneously, I am pursuing modeling as a part-time job in order to meet my expenses including tuition fee. If I become successful in branding, I would leave modeling, and vice-versa. I am just doing modeling for some extra money, and I don’t really enjoy it as much. I always wanted to be a fashion designer.


What do you do when negative thoughts knock your mind?

Caitlyn: It’s tough when negative thoughts knock your mind. It can quickly overtake you. I don’t let negative thoughts overrule me so much. It takes time and constant practice to inculcate a good habit, and thinking negatively all the time can leave you with no room for happiness. You just got to train yourself, ignore yourself for negativity and switch yourself for positivity.



How hard is the life of a Model?

Caitlyn: A lot of people think it is easy, there goes a lot of work into executing it. It’s great that you get a chance to meet so many people, and you get to network, which is very essential.

Every person has their own share of battle and pain. When you model, you can’t show emotions because people are paying you to take pictures. It’s quite fake. It feels like every picture is fake.

Someone might be going through depression but they, as models, have to look happy and smiley in the picture, it is all fake. I’m, however, enjoying my life as a model, and I’m meeting new people, but I won’t do it for long.


Caitlyn Roux

Your most challenging photo shoot ever?

Caitlyn: I did a TV Ad for herbal essence. Very challenging as it encompassed long hours, from 4:00 a.m. until 7:00 in the evening. It was tiring for me to do the same thing all over again and again.


How do you feel about the controversy of the ‘Size 0’ debate in the industry?

Caitlyn: I disagree with that. I feel like, over the years, people assumed that if you want to be model you have to be thin and it’s got nothing to do with personality. If you have curves, then you can’t be a model. I think that’s not right. Anyone can be a model. You got to know how to be a model.



What was the reaction of your parents when you told them about your preference for modeling as a career and were they supportive?

Caitlyn: My parents have always been supportive. They know the kind of person I am, and they know that Industry wouldn’t get to her.


Caitlyn Roux Model

If someone wants to be a model what would your advice for them be?

Caitlyn: To just be true to who they are. Try not to get sucked by the industry; it’s very easy to have an ego when you become popular. To get your ego high. Remember, when you get on the ground for shooting stuff, they care more about your personality and stuff than your looks.


Do you think you were lucky, or you are what you are because of your hard work?

Caitlyn: Combination of both.


So, that was Caitlyn sharing her valuable insights and stories with us. We thank Caitlyn for sparing her precious time to answer those questions. If you liked the interview, please share it with your friends and family.