“The thing I fear the most, is the one thing I constantly seek through life.”

Childhood is all about grades, playing whatever sport you enjoy, and imagining what it’s like to be an adult.

As a teenager, it’s all about the fun times with your friends and possible career choices.

As an adult, it is fear.

It is my fear.

I fear the change. But I also seek nothing but it.

Relationships end, other ones start. New job opportunities; some people come, others just go.

Life is moving, I am moving.

I’m not looking forward to stand still, I cannot stand it.

But change, quite a scary thing to face.

Should I get excited that my life is developing?

Or should I get scared that my comfort zone might just change?

I have no idea.

But I know, that life is change and change means life.

Change. Does it scare you?

I fear no failure. Failure is essential, it led to me great places followed by success and I know I would accept whatever life throws at me, even if it’s not exactly what I wanted. I’ve been there. It’s better to embrace it than just complain about it and play the victim.

How many times have you planned for something that went in a whole other direction?

Change is not always a good thing. It may force us out of worn-out habits and impose better ones upon us, but it can also be stressful, costly and even destructive. What’s important about change is how we anticipate and react to it.

Life in the comfort zone is easy. You simply follow a routine and you can predict the consequences. It’s safe. And of course, the idea of not feeling safe is terrifying.


Change is fear, but fear can be changed.

Change. Does it scare you?

Do you know why lots of people got that fear of commitment? Because it’s a huge change.

Because there is a possibility of getting hurt.

Change is probably my very worst fear, but I’m learning how to embrace it.

I get scared of the idea of throwing out my old habits to try to fit into new ones.

I’m scared to choose something I love over something I’m good at.

But my fear isn’t holding me back,

Because I dive right into it.

“So I beg you to think of change more positively. When we say “This is a game changer,” that connotes something good and positive. And yes, it’s okay to “change” your mind.”
– Allan Karl

The unknown will be uncomfortable unless you shift your position, so it’s better to roll with situations and circumstances. And yes, it takes much more effort and energy to resist change than to accept it.


Try to let go of what worries you, because;

It goes on.

It goes on, whether if it broke me down for years or tore me apart for months or sank my heart down for a second. It goes and I know it won’t ever stop.

Fear is a feeling, and feelings can be changed.

Is it going to be difficult? of course.

Is it impossible? never is, never will be.

The key to overcoming the fear of change is to actually change how you choose to see and react to it.