Going through a bad mood sucks, no matter how many times you’ve been there. Your mind still finds itself in a slump, and it is difficult to get rid of those blues. Feeling low holds you back and keeps you from living your best life. And that state of mind will only heighten your lousy mood, turning it into a vicious cycle. Here are some quick and easy ways to help you beat the blues and start feeling like yourself again.


Look After Your Body

Sometimes, a low mood can be triggered by some unmet demands of your body. Hunger or exhaustion can make you feel cranky and irritable, especially if you haven’t eaten or rested in a long time. Fix yourself a wholesome and nutritious meal (not fried or junk food) and say goodbye to the hunger pangs that are ruining your mood. Certain foods, such as dark chocolate, can also work as a quick pick-me-up. Sometimes, when you’re overworked, the lack of rest and sleep can also make you feel grumpy. Your body needs rest to function efficiently. Put your phone away, switch off your laptop, and hit the sack. Trust me, you’ll wake up feeling more cheerful.


Find A Pleasant Distraction

If it’s not a physical issue that is causing your bad mood, a quick solution would be to find something to take your mind off the matter. It can be anything, as long as it is an activity you enjoy. Go shopping, listen to some music, draw, paint – whatever works best to bring a smile on your face. Even running errands or striking a few items off your to-do list can create a sense of accomplishment on tough days and help you feel better about yourself. If you like reading books, pick up something positive from your bookshelf. Or, watch a sitcom on TV. Living vicariously through your favorite fictional character can work wonders to take your mind off your troubles and cheer you up.



How To Escape A Bad Mood Quickly

A simple but powerful method to release stress is exercise. It gets your endorphins flowing, thus improving your mood within a few minutes. Take your pick from activities such as yoga, jogging, running, swimming, or aerobics that elevate your heart rate. Endorphins are natural mood lifters that are pumped out when you exercise. If you want to reap the most benefits, try taking your workout outdoors. Walking in natural sunlight is an excellent way to pep up your mood while soaking in some much-needed vitamin D. Exercising outdoors also has a ton of health benefits. Besides getting rid of that frown, it improves your immunity and helps you focus. So, the next time you find yourself down in the dumps, get out of the house for a while!



Have you noticed how you feel after catching up with an old friend? Happy, right? Humans are social animals and crave company. If loneliness triggers your low mood, find ways to connect with your loved ones, both friends and family. Make plans to catch up with a friend over coffee, lunch, dinner, or a movie. Talking to a close friend about how you are feeling will help you feel better. If going out with them is not feasible, do remember that your friends and family are just a phone call away. Video calling is an even better solution. Being able to see your family while you chat will make you feel like you are actually spending time together and make for more engaging conversation. The blues will be gone in no time.


Be Grateful And Positive

How To Escape A Bad Mood Quickly

Another quick escape from a bad mood would be to focus on all the good things in your life right now. When a negative thought takes root in your mind, you may find yourself spiraling into depression. Before a mad mood turns into a bad day, it is essential to step back and start thinking more positively. Start by writing down every positive thing about your life as it is at present. It could be small or big, but just remember to write it down. You will be surprised to discover how much you have to be grateful for. Count your blessings and be thankful for them all – your loved ones, your achievements, and your journey so far. Practicing this small mental exercise will turn your mind away from the negatives and make you feel happier again.



What if your bad mood hits you at a time when it is simply not possible to distract yourself with a movie or a shopping spree? For example, at work. Meditation is one of the quickest ways to snap your mind out of its depressed state. It need not be an hour-long yoga session with soft music playing in the background. A few minutes of mindful breathing can also work wonders. Just close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. With your attention focused on your breathing, imagine your anger and frustration floating away with every breath. At the same time, imagine a calm and peaceful feeling entering your body. It takes a bit of practice, but if you keep at it daily, meditation can you realign your mind during tough times.


Log Off From Social Media

How To Escape A Bad Mood Quickly

According to recent studies, the moods that people express on social media can be contagious. If you are reading the negative thoughts of your friend venting online, it may leave you feeling grumpy as well. If you keep seeing a friend’s constant posts about their fantastic holiday or a new car, you may find your self-esteem sinking. You may start believing that their life is exactly as perfect as it looks on social media. We are deluded into thinking that our real life is nothing more than ordinary because we lack something exciting in our lives to post online about. So when the blues hit, consciously go offline and do something that does not involve unnecessary screen time. It will be easier to cheer yourself up without the distractions of the fake online world.

A bad mood may hit at any point. It can be triggered by stress, exhaustion, or other personal conflicts. What’s important is that you don’t let the bad mood turn into a bad day. These quick fixes come in handy any time you need a pick-me-up. As long as you want to feel better and are willing to make an effort to get there, you will. However, if you have noticed that your bad moods are frequent and last longer than usual, or refuse to go away, do not hesitate to reach out and seek professional help. Always remember to prioritize your mental health over everything else.