Take a close look to your surroundings, does everything feel the same?

Does everybody dress, talk and act just the same?

Are you mistaking those human copies for people who fit in?

Should you hide some interests just because they seem a little neglected?

Do you have unfamiliar thoughts and opinions which might make people think you’re out of your mind?

When was the last time you were being yourself? How many people can you spontaneously talk with and feel comfortable about it?

All of us have the need to feel that we belong somewhere, to feel that we’re not alone, we’re only humans.

But don’t you ever confuse fitting in with being just another copy.

Just to clear out some misconceptions about fitting in;


Fitting in does not mean to imitate what seems “acceptable” so you can have validation from others.

Fitting In vs Being Just Another Copy.

Fitting in, is the surrounding of people who accept you as who you are and not who they want you to be.

Stop having this urge that you need to change some certain things about yourself, whether if it’s how you look or the way you carry your attitude. Whether if it’s how you express your feelings or carry a different opinion.



People are not the same; human minds aren’t made to be the same.

It’s not shocking to find that some people might accept some situations you cannot handle. It’s not surprising that someone might dress differently; it’s shocking that society calls these people “out of style.” It’s not odd that people use different humor, and it’s definitely not okay to think that people must have the same body image.

Everyone should embrace how different they like to look and act, should embrace the things they were born with. Embrace their special traits in addition to having respect for different traits that others might carry.



Find the joy in being you.

Fitting In vs Being Just Another Copy.

You’re not awkward, and you’re not boring either.

It’s not required from you to have the same interests to match the interests of people surrounding you.

You make some people smile as well as making some people feel better, and you’re not useless.

There is no need to neglect less crowded travel places just because they don’t seem to fit in.

You’re supposed to look like whatever you want, eat whatever you want to eat, talk the way you want to talk and do whatever the hell you want.

Dress the way you want to dress, live the way you want to live.

Do not fear the odds, fear to be just like the others.