Breakups are hard to get over.

It hurts because you trusted the person so much, or because you dumped better ones thinking that the relationship would last forever.

On the hand, it might even be possible that you were the dumper.

Whether you are a dumper or a dumpee, breakups are sure to cause mental stress, if you were too attached to them.

Here are SEVEN crazy ways to help you get through it.


Accept the fact that – It’s Over!

Hacks for Getting Over a Breakup

Accept that the relationship is over. It will be dumb to believe that your “old love-for-life” would finally realize his/her mistake and come running to you.

No, it is simply not going to happen, even if it does, it won’t be as good as you think.

Breakups are mostly final, and you need to deal with it if it wasn’t; why would he or she break up with you at the first place?

Just be happy that it happened, instead of crying over it. Perform the last rites of the relationship and take it out of your head.

Just act, as if nothing bad ever happened to you.

If you are having trouble forgetting, make sure that you throw away all the gifts, letters and everything else that reminds you of him/her.


Set a time limit for Emotional Drama

Breakups are hard, and are, therefore, going to create a lot of emotional drama and stress for you. It is perfectly fine, to go through a bit of emotional stress, but make sure that this stress does not turn into depression.

It is common for people to enter depress after a breakup, don’t let that ever happen to you.

To avoid taking the wrong turns, create a “Breakup Plan,” yup you heard it right.

Create a breakup plan that you won’t cry after X number of days, and you won’t think about him/her after X amount of time.

You may even try to forget him/her by making a plan not to remember them X number of times per day. Sounds hard? Maybe it is.

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Unfollow your Ex everywhere

You don’t want to constantly have his/her name pop-out on your smartphone’s and laptop’s screen.

Moreover, it is not going to help you out in any way. All it does is to put stress over your head.

If you are still friends on Facebook, make sure you remove them from your friend list.

The same goes for every damn social network, including your phone’s contact list.

DO not forget to remove his/her name from your saved words, or else the name would pop-up without reason, which will take your back to the grief.

Stay away, as much as you can, or you will have a hard time forgetting.


Love yourself

Hacks for Getting Over a Breakup

The only that’s true is – “mother’s love,” and the second one is the love for yourself. Love yourself as much as you can. No will be able to love you, as much as you do, so it is freaking better to enjoy yourself rather than depending on someone else.

Why depend on someone when you can shower the same love for yourself at any point in time.

Love outing? Pack your bags, and move to a decent location, even if none of your friends are ready for it.

You might feel a bit lonely at first, but trust it you’ll feel much better.

Who knows, you might make some new friends since you are alone on your own.

Just take charge of every opportunity and see how life rewards you!

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Have amazing foods

Food heals the heart unless you happen to be from Mars. Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal, everyone does. If you feel like, you are overthinking about your breakup, just head over to your favorite food joint and eat what you love.

Nothing loves you back, like food.

Don’t freak out by seeing people enjoy with their girlfriend and boyfriends, understand the fact that it is not necessary for everyone to have a BF/GF to enjoy.

You can enjoy with friends too, and to be honest, they will have you a much better experience than your GF/BF would have.

Make sure that you do this often.


Re-create your schedule

Since you had a breakup, your regular schedule too would have broken up. You need to fix it up again. Why did you make a BF/GF in the first place? For Love? For Fun? For Filling up your empty hours for S*x?

Whatever, the reason might be, fill that place with something else.

If it was for LOVE, you might visit your family for it; if it was for Fun, visit your friends; if it was for filling up empty hours, replace it with something interactive like Netflix or YouTube. Lastly, if it was for S*x, consider watching P*rn whenever you feel like having.

Do whatever you can. But, must make sure that fill up your empty moments with something or the other that would keep you busy.

A mind cannot think about something when it is too busy; it will only do so when you are free, completely free.

Be so tired every day that you won’t even get time to think about them in the bed.

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Stay single until you’re OK

Hacks for Getting Over a Breakup

Do not be in a hurry to find a new partner. Take your time, and be single as long as you can. Being single is pretty awesome. You have a lot of benefits when you are single. If you wish to read about the advantages, you can read about the same here – Perks of being single.