Life isn’t long enough to waste doing useless shits.

You’ve got a limited time on earth, and you need to make the most out of your short time.

There are lots of new things to do every day, rather than spending every single day in the same manner as yesterday.

Well, I know that you might now complain about how hectic your current schedule is… I know! Even if you are not able to try out new things on a daily basis; at least do something different which you have never done.

Here are ten habits that will undoubtedly change the way you live your life.


1# Listen more, speak less.

Habits That Are Guaranteed To Change Your Life

When you speak, you are only repeating what’s already in your mind. But when you listen, you are learning something new.

You’ll not only be able to learn new things; you will also be able to save some energy that would otherwise have been wasted.

Learning something new every day by listening is better than repeating what you already know. (like a parrot in a cage)


2# Seek Purpose in everything

Doing thing purposelessly will never help you in any way.

Find purpose in everything you do, as purpose drives meaning.

Always look for the benefits you will be offered once you complete that particular task.

If there’s ain’t any, you should probably skip doing that task. (unless you wish to do it anyway)

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3# Improve your mental strength

Mental toughness is what separates an average person from the successful ones. If you aren’t mentally strong enough, you are probably not going anywhere.

If you wish for the highest, get ready to be f*cked at the highest level.

That’s simply the way life works. The more you desire, the more you will be challenged.

If you would like to settle for the ordinary, you are good enough to stay the same.


4# Help people around you

Helping someone won’t take you hundreds of hours, it would neither take millions of dollars.

Even a small help at the right time is worth more than helping when someone doesn’t need it.

It is much better to waste time helping someone than to spend time making a fractional amount of money.

What you do today, will be returned to you, not today or tomorrow but someday in the future.


5# Learn something new

Habits That Are Guaranteed To Change Your Life

You can speak your mother tongue, or maybe one more language that was taught in your school. But, what about learning another one?

Life doesn’t stop after learning just one thing. Well, the point here is not about making you learn a new language, but the point here is to make you learn something new till you are capable of doing so.

Don’t put off things for the old age; you won’t be able to do anything then, other than spending time thinking about how to spend the rest of the day.

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6# Ask questions

Ask as many questions as you can, so that you will increase your knowledge.

Don’t limit your knowledge to one particular niche.

Learn a bit from every domain you are passionate about, and if you happen to be excited about a particular topic, learn about it in depth.

This way, you will become more qualified than an average individual.


7# Organize your space

Less is the new more. Follow the minimalistic rule.

The more minimalistic you are, the more productive you will be.

When you have a cluttered workspace, your mind seems to take it as a negative signal and thus to affect your productivity.

If you do not agree with this point, make sure that you try it out once.

Try and then decide if it boosts your productivity and makes you feel more energetic or not.


8# Don’t consume the information you don’t need

Consuming the information that you don’t want/need not only take up your precious time but also makes your mind cluttered.

When you have lots of things going on our mind, you will find it hard enough to bring in the thoughts that are important to you.

Consider your mind as your iPhone, the more useless data you have in your mind, the smaller space you will be left with, which will ultimately cause a lot of troubles, make it sluggish and might even make you skip saving the info’s that are important.

Was I clear enough?

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9# Make new goals

Living a life without goals is useless.

Unless you are pleased with your life, you should be making new goals every single day.

Setting new goals every time doesn’t mean that you are greedy, but it signifies that you are ready to achieve something better.

Be happy with what you have at the present moment, but never be fully satisfied with it.

That’s how you should be living your life.


10# Make calculations

Calculate time, calculate risks, calculate the budget, make sure you figure everything that matters in your life.

If you are thinking of leaving an hour early, make sure you calculate how much money you are losing by doing so.

And if you happen to stay at home, make sure you even calculate how much you are saving/losing by not going outside.

This habit will make you live a better lifestyle.


A person making $10K /month by working 30 hours a week is significantly wealthier than a person making $10K working 70 hours every week.

Calculate your efforts and your income, so that you take better decisions in the future.