Did you anytime think that in spite of not being too busy in life, many of you will not be able to make it in time to most of the places or meetings or appointments? What can be the reason behind it? Have you anytime wondered how the busiest people plan their time and make it in time to any place, in spite of being busy?

The simple answer to this common question is “planning.”

Yes, the plan things in advance when they are sure about the event or the meetings. It is all about planning that you will be able to do anything on time, even when you are too busy.

If you ask any of the busiest persons, they will reply you the same. It is planning that is important. Many busiest persons across the world do their planning themselves, rather than hiring an assistant to handle their schedules. They have assistants who can remain them of the schedules, but not to plan them.

So, if you are also looking for such plans, then here is how you can efficiently plan your hectic schedules…


Unscheduling can be a good option:

Yes, when you look into the list of busy people, you will be able to meet them, usually in the second half of the day. That means you will not be able to get an appointment for the first half. They keep it open for any urgent tasks that come up all of sudden. When they are free in the first half, they do something productive but keep it open for something important or urgent.



Reply to your emails as fast as possible

When you see any email in the inbox, just try to open it and reply to it, or at least delete it. When you have any unopened emails in the inbox when you come the next day, then that can take away time from your planned schedule.

So, you should plan it in such a way that you open them and add to the next day appointments if required or at least delete them or reply to them. This will not confuse you.

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Utilizing the mealtime and travel time

When you have teams across the globe, then you will have to communicate with them in their time zone only. So, you can take your calls when you are traveling, and hence you should plan your own transportation instead of using local transport.

This is what the busiest people do. They do not opt for public transport. They spare a lot of time for the meals also. That is when they will be able to take a few video calls from the employees in different time zones.



Take breaks between tasks

All the busiest people have a lot of work to handle, and it can be tough to handle so many meetings, calls, emails and other direct appointments without any break. You will have to take some time out of the busy schedule and plan it for a break.

Yes, you can take a break of 20 minutes for every two or three hours. It does not mean you are going to relax. You will instead plan things in a better way.

Take a pen and a pad and start jotting down things you did so far and how do you want to take the meeting further. This is how you should plan.

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Take out time for personal life as well

They do not take calls or emails when they are at home. It is essential to have some private time as well. You can handle some projects that are important for that time, rather than sitting just with calls or emails. This way, you will be able to spend time with your family as well.


This is how the busiest persons plan their day. It is not at all tough and is something that most of the people know. But the only thing is they should understand its importance and plan it accordingly.

You will always have time for everything planned; it is just that you need to implement the plan.