Don’t know How to Make Friends in College? We’re here to help you out. Whether you’re about to start your first day at a private college or a large University, you ought to find it hard to make new friends, especially if you are an introvert. If you want to make quality friends in college, you just need to start being sociable as soon as possible, or you will find it hard once the social circles close. Just remember that everyone is new and are equally nervous as you.

Many students fear the first day in college because it is a new environment, they miss their classmates of life, and it is time to start meeting new people and make friends in college.


How to Make Friends in College?


Challenge yourself

How to Make Friends in College

Making friends at the university and in any other social environment is a challenge. You must know that making friends will require effort on your part. While friendships can flourish naturally, it requires energy to meet and go out with your future friends. So, challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Many activities may seem boring in orientation, but you definitely need to go. After all, it is better to experience an initial discomfort for long-term benefits, right? A little effort can be worth it later when you have friends.

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All are new to the University, including those in its 3rd year of studies

If you are a student of the 1st year, almost everyone in your class is new to the environment, which means that everyone is trying to meet people and make friends. Consequently, there is no reason to feel uncomfortable or shy about talking to strangers, join a group at break time or talk to as many people as you can. This helps everyone. Moreover, even if you are enrolled in the 3rd year of the race, there are still new experiences to live.


At the University, it is never too late to start again

How to Make Friends in College

One of the best features of the University is that it is designed to help you grow. Just because you’re focused on finding the degree that best suits your interests does not mean you cannot join a group in your 1st year of studies. And if you were unaware of your love for poetry and literature to your last semester, remember that it is never too late to join a poetry club. People enter and leave social circles all the time at the University, is what makes it great. Take advantage of opportunities to meet new people whenever and wherever.

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Never give up

So you wanted to make new friends this year, you’ve joined a group, but you have not accomplished anything. Do not give up! Simply because the things you’ve tried do not work does not mean that the next thing you try will not work. Remember that at least you found out what you do not like and what kind of friends do not want to have.


Get out of your room

How to Make Friends in College

If you feel you have no friends, you may be tempted the idea of going to class, work and go home. However, being alone in your room is the worst way to make friends. This way you have no chance to meet new people. Challenge yourself a little and try to surround yourself with people. Study at the University cafeteria, library or in the inner courtyards. Visit the student center; write your essay in the computer room rather than in your room. No need to have best friends immediately, but as you study with someone, you begin to know them better.


Get involved in something that interests you

Instead of letting that your main motivation is to make friends, get carried away by what you care about. Do you love to help animals? Do you want to join a religious community? Are you interested in social justice? Do you want to do something related to your field of study? Find an organization or club and see how you can get involved. Probably while doing the job that interests you are going to discover others with similar values to yourself, and probably 1 or 2 of those connections have the potential of friendship.

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Be patient

How to Make Friends in College

Remember when you were in high school and friends that you have maintained since then. Your friends probably changed and transformed from your first day of school to the last. The University works the same way Friendships come and go, people grow, and change and everybody adapts as time passes. If you take longer than anticipated remember to be patient, It doesn’t mean that you cannot make friends, but you have not done yet.