India is the land of engineers and doctors. Why? Because in India, you can choose only two fields, and they are Engineering and Medical. If you try to select another stream then it would be against the will of your parents. Yes, it’s true! Indian education kills the creativity and passion of the student. Students are nearly dragged or pushed into the fields of Engineering and medical.

Firstly let me give you a brief description of our education system. At the age of 16, you have to choose whether you want to do Computer or Physical Education. At that time students don’t even know the meaning of life, and he/she is asked to choose their respective field. Indian students are in dilemma right from the age of 16.

You then clear your board exam and another dilemma struck you, whether to choose Science, Commerce or Medical. At the age of 18, you have to decide your future. To be honest, you actually cannot decide your future as in India you don’t have that right and if you try to, you are going against your parents. You must know that going against your parents’ will is almost regarded as a crime in India.

And if by chance, you are able to convince your parents, you might not be able to get into your favourite stream because of your low marks. The student needs to sacrifice their passion just because they didn’t score well in the exam. Moreover, Indian students are just limited to the syllabus and going out of the syllabus is a violation. This is simply shambolic.

indian college students

Is this our Education System or Examination System or Dilemma System?

The syllabus that we are studying in our college is of the 90’s. Just imagine, the things we are studying now will not even be of a use when we go out from the college. I am a mechanical student and carburettor is taught in detail to us, and you know what? In today’s vehicle carburettor is not even in use. Does it even make sense to learn things which are not in use in this modern world?

The primary focus of the college is only on theory and attendance, while practical classes are just regarded as time pass. Though I guess, this doesn’t happen in IIT’s, but here I am talking about every average college of India.

The degree is just a time pass in India anyone can get it. But the real problem starts when you step out from the college into the world of strangers.

Secondary education is the pivot of a nation’s education system. Concerning the pattern of secondary education in India, experiments have been going on since the country got its independence. The 10+2+3 system of education recommended by Kothari Commission of 1965 is now being implemented in almost all the States and Union Territories of India. This system provides for two streams – the higher secondary schools; the academic streams paving the way for higher education and the vocational stream of terminal nature.

However, very few schools are able to offer this terminal education. As a result, schools with academic streams still abound, thereby defeating the very purpose of reducing the acute competition for a college education. (via)

Indian education is just destroying the passion and talent of the student. It’s just like asking the elephant to swim and fish to crawl on the land. Guy’s we can’t change our educations system, but you need to realise the things that are going wrong in our system.

I just want to say that just treat your college as time pass and try to do different things in your college life. Prefer online education as you can’t learn those things in books which the industry are using in today’s world.

So, guy’s, just learn to adapt to this education system. Don’t try to change this because you alone can’t do that. And we already know that unity doesn’t exist, so we don’t even have the power to raise voice against it, Participate in events and try to grab as much as online education.