Marriages are made in heaven. No matter how blissful this statement might sound, we can’t deny that some people become non-monogamous at some point in their lives. It leads to a stressful relationship which enhances the chances of a broken marriage.

If we look at the statistics, the divorce rate in the US is increasing at an alarming rate. While the US registers around 53% divorces, in other European countries, this count is 60%. So, does it mean ‘marriages are made in heaven’ is an overrated statement? Why it becomes hard to retain a monogamous relationship? Why people end up thinking about a person other than their partner? Is something wrong with the concept of monogamous marriages?

Jessica O'Reilly

These are some questions arise when you find that the success rate of monogamous marriage is falling drastically. On the other hand, if we look at people who are open to having a non-monogamous or an open relationship, the condition is even worse. Their success rate is even lower.

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So, seeing the current scenario, in a nutshell, it can be stated that both monogamous and non-monogamous relationship is not working. People are not happy and satisfied with their counterparts. Happy married life has become a myth.

If you are also sailing in the same boat and wondering who can save your relation, a sexologist is an answer.

Jessica O'Reilly

Jessica O’Reilly is a sex & relationship expert, author, TV host, Podcast host, speaker, and a Traveller. She started working as a sexuality counselor in 2001, and since then there is no looking back. With the vast knowledge, deeper insight and extensive experience in resolving the issues, she is not leaving any stone unturned to help people maintain the dignity of a healthy monogamous relationship. She is being featured in many popular media. She challenges the orthodox beliefs of what it means to retain happiness in a relationship.

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Dr. Jess has helped many couples who were dealing with a dull, stressful and unhappy married life. She finds being monogamish is one of the ways to unlock the happiness of your life. Although her methods are little different to resolve the issues, they are highly effective. She is your blessing in disguise and could help to get your life back on track with your better half.

Jessica O'Reilly

Dr. Jess explains that being monogamish is highly essential, but occasionally exceptions are made for sexual play. Her way of resolving the issues are simple and straightforward- a little flexibility in the thoughts. Primarily you will remain monogamous and live a monogamish life.

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It’s not new to find that people in a marriage fantasize other persons as well. Their sexual desires are not only limited to their partner. However, openly talking about it is still taboo. According to Dr. Jess there are two main territories for a monogamish marriage, a line which should not be crossed.

Jessica O'Reilly

  1. Talk and touch: You are allowed to interact with the opposite sex and flirt as well. Let it bring excitement and arousal. However, later you end up going to your partner only.
  2.  Thought without action: You can fantasize and imagine your wildest thoughts with someone. By sharing all the fantasies, you will strengthen the relationship with your partner. When you decide not to act on your thoughts, it creates a difference.

It takes time and patience to deal with non-monogamish nature. However, as per Jessica being monogamish is not an ultimate panacea. For some, it may work, and for some, it doesn’t. But when we talk about a happy married life, nothing beats than being happily monogamish.

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