You woke up one day and bamn, you were twenty! You didn’t even realize how quickly the teenage years passed by you and then, you had a grand celebration on your 20th birthday. But just like that, that day also passed and it’s been a year or may be even more and you still miss the day when it was all a lot easier.In your twenties you need to make so many decisions that you tend to feel a bit lost. Life tends to throw so many challenges at you, that it gets tough to figure out which way to go or what to do. You even forget who you are. But the truth is, in the end, we all just want to be happy and healthy and these life lessons are what we learn over the years:


You lose people.

Suddenly from having a huge number of friends in college, you can end up having no friend at all. And, it sucks. You often start to blame yourself for not keeping in touch or not making better friends but the truth is, you are not the only one facing this. When you and your friends start looking for work, they get busy and it is better that you don’t blame yourself. The real friends will catch up to you where you left off, even if you get in touch with them less frequently. It hurts, losing people is for me, the most difficult loss one can have but, life is a bus-ride, people come and go.


Your parents are cool

In teenage years, our parents tend to embarrass us or push us towards our limits so we don’t get along them, but once we start earning and making our own living, you will realize how much you will miss them. You will realize they are an important part of your life and no one else can understand you better than them. Maybe what they advice is a bunch of Crap, but being around them is a lovely feeling and it gives you a feeling of security.

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Life is no fairytale

You always thought that relationships are supposed to be easy and friends can be taken for granted but when twenty strikes, you get more matured and realize that you won’t be with anyone if they take you for granted, nor will any relationship survive if you don’t put efforts in it. There is no Prince Charming who is coming to rescue you and you are no Cinderella who needs magic to be rescued. You need to make your own ways and deal with all the difficult challenges. You cannot simply run away.


Take care of your teeth

You must visit a dentist regularly and take proper care of your teeth, as they are going to give your problems in the later stages. Start early on. Do you want them to be pale or do you want to have root canals at the age of 25? I guessed not, so you better get a regular check up if you want to maintain a healthy denture.

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Seize The Day

 Life Lessons Every 20 Something Needs to Learn

Just like you are 20 from 10 in a glimpse, you will be thirty soon enough and you are going to be like Joey, “Why? God Why? Let the others grow up, not me!!” You make plans, yet you don’t stick to them, what you aren’t realizing is that soon you’ll be thirty and the plans will be ten years old! Will you be able to do them then? Shut being lazy and stop procrastinating things.


You are going to get Fat

If you aren’t going to work on maintaining your weight, then my friend, you are going to gain. Ageing doesn’t only ruin your skin, but it also adds pounds on your waist. So start having that green tea, or start running every morning before you start gaining the kilos and then live in a guilt-trip that I have gained. It’s better to stay fit than to go on dieting schedules later on in life.

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Standing Up for Yourself

Sometimes where you work is a place that you cannot survive in. Sometimes you are in a relationship you cannot breathe in, You may wonder it’s all your fault and thus keep living, but sooner or later you are going to learn how to stand up for yourself and how to respect yourself as it is essential in life.