Anxiety is a thing that annoys both you and your lover equally. It spoils not only your happiness but also your lover’s happiness. It is quite natural for everyone to feel nervous sometimes. But, for those with anxiety, they have it all the time. It is the one negative factor that affects the person and those who surrounds him. Relationships can sour due to many reasons and the most common being anxiety. If you love a person with anxiety you have to keep in mind many things that will help you to cope up with him. Otherwise, it will lead to a strained relationship and ultimately, it will have an untimely death.

There are basically 7 things you have to remember if your lover is sick with anxiety.

No reason could be attributed to being anxious:

Remember If You Love Someone With Anxiety

Can you believe me if I say that there are over 40 million cases reported to have anxiety in their day to day lives? Yes, it is true and there can be even more which have not been reported. We can’t really attribute a particular reason why people are affected by this. It is also really hard to have a perfect cure for this. The National Institute of Mental Health says that anxiety can be, sometimes, bad enough to ruin a healthy family.


Anxiety is a totally different experience

Anxiety will make you feel like the total world is going upside down and soon you are going to collapse. You should understand that he can get a panic attack anytime. During that time his blood pressure is likely to shoot up abnormally high. He is likely to be in a state of white-coat-hypertension where the light outside the body tend to be high and the entire environment appears to be completely hostile.

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Try to de-stress him and make him feel relaxed

Whenever he has a panic attack, help him to feel relaxed. Trying to utter words like “relax” “nothing to worry” will not help him much. Instead, try to be in all ears when he tells the reason for his anxiety. Suggest solutions and he would appreciate it. When you just tell him to relax, he will not give a heed to it because he is already tensed up and has lost the capacity to listen to you. It will aggravate the nervousness beyond imaginable limits.


Allow him to be alone when he really needs it

It appears to us as solitary confinement. But really it is a blessing for them to be solitary. Let them spend time for themselves.

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Understand their anxiety can be really irrational

Remember If You Love Someone With Anxiety

Their nervousness or anxiety can be silly at times. Even though you spend your entire energy to explain the irrationality of their thoughts, they would go on thinking about what is going to happen next.


They can fail in spite of precautions

You can’t even imagine how many precautions they take for not being anxious. But it takes only a fraction of a second to fall down like a pack of cards. You should understand the efforts taken by them to avoid being anxious.

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Love is what they need

They need a shoulder to lean on and escape from their nervousness or hypertension. They consider you as a haven of comfort and you should do all that is necessary to help them.