Today’s guest story is a reminder that the only way to stand out in this world, is through consistency and determination. Macie Mata, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Maze Services explain the importance and results of staying determined, focused and exuding a relentless work ethic.  Maze Services is a mobile app that connects consumers to local beauty professionals who specialize in hair, nail, and facial services. Maze has revolutionized the way consumers receive beauty services by bringing the salon to their doorstep.


Her Background:

Macie Mata

Born and raised in Chicago, Macie left the city at the age of eighteen to seek out greener pastures. In 2011 her first job was at Wells Fargo, as a bank teller where she quickly climbed her way up the corporate ladder, eventually earning six figures yearly before the age of twenty-four. However, winners never settle even when reaching the pinnacle. Though Macie absolutely cherished her career, she knew there were bigger and better mountains to climb. She began to explore her options as an entrepreneur, with her now business partner Samonica Ngo, Co-Founder of Maze Services. Between the two of them, ideas were endless, and nothing was too far out for Macie and Samonica to consider. Ultimately, most of their attempts were fruitless, but while both of them were working full time, it didn’t stop them from continuing to engrave their footprint in the entrepreneur realm.


How Maze Services was founded?

Macie Mata

While working with Wells Fargo, Macie was required to travel often. During her travels, she found it difficult to find a salon that would work with her schedule. In addition to the scheduling hurdle, there was always the natural anxiety that came with trying a new stylist in an area you weren’t familiar with. Macie knew she wasn’t the only person who found this frustrating and scary, and ultimately knew that looking and feeling your best shouldn’t have to be this difficult. This is when the seed of Maze Services was planted. What if there was an app that would help take the grunt work out of finding a credible stylist in your location that would work with your time and place?  Inspired, she immediately pitched her idea to Samonica and together they took their idea and blossomed the seed of Maze Services.


Finding Someone Who Believes In You

Macie Mata

There is an African adage, which says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Macie gets to do what she loves every day and claims it would not possible without her amazing team who deeply believes in their mission. She surrounds herself with like-minded and goal driven people who inspire and help propel her to new heights.


Biggest Advice To The Entrepreneurs

Macie Mata

When reaching for your goals, it’s not always about not giving up, but finding someone who supports you. It is inevitable that there will be days that you feel like quitting on your dreams and goals. On those empty nights, you need to have a shoulder to rely on. The greatest people are those who stick by your side in the time of your greatest turmoil. Find someone who is in your corner and do not go in alone. Don’t stop and don’t be afraid to go for your goals.

 “I really want to show girls everywhere that they can truly do anything and it doesn’t matter which industry you’re in.” – Macie Mata

Macie couldn’t have ever dreamt coming this far in 2019 with the launch of their app right around the corner. Life continuously surprises and exceeds her expectations. All she had was a dream, a great support system, and a whole lot of determination.

So yes, you may be in exceedingly dark places at times, but don’t fret. Life will provide you with opportunities, so have faith and take courage to go for your dreams.