Don’t you just hate it when your alarm wakes you up post weekend, and you realize you need to get back to work?

Getting to work on a Monday morning is a situation we all find to be quite laborious. We start dreading the entire week coming up ahead, and that’s enough to kill our buzz after the weekend. The more you think about it, the worse it gets, and that’s not a good start to the week. (Because this attitude lacks passion and the motivation needed to kick start work after a long weekend of good rest.)

Are you nodding affirmatively to all these points? If yes, then you have a bad case of Monday blues! Nothing to worry about, almost all of us face the same situation on a Monday morning. So, how to deal with it?

Here are a few things you can do that can help you bid adieu to Monday blues and instead welcome it with a chirpy smile!


Start the day early with an intention

Monday Blues 5 Ways To Bid Goodbye To Them
Weekends are when you get to sleep all day and sit and laze around in your pajamas. Because of that, getting back to work on Monday morning is like a wakeup call. And often, we let our laziness drag us down.

The leisurely weekend makes our body feel lethargic, and we expect Monday to be the same as well. So, we end up running late because of hitting the snooze button too many times. But, if you plan your day and start early, you don’t have to worry about rushing things. Have the intention to go about the day positively, and you will experience a better day altogether.



Treat yourself!

monday blues
In a rush to get to work on a Monday morning? Do not skip your breakfast.

Food is a great way to tackle those nasty Monday blues. What can get worse than going about on an empty stomach when you’re in a foul mood? Spice up your Monday mornings by starting your day with some delicious breakfast and mood lifting foods.

We are always down and lazy on Mondays, but if your platter is filled with exciting and healthy food, then it not only lightens your mood but is good for you as well.

Delicious food is like fuel for your body to tackle the Monday blues. Nothing beats depression better than your favorite food!

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Prepare for Monday on Friday

Monday Blues 5 Ways To Bid Goodbye To Them
We always pile up too much work from the previous week to be started on Monday. Which makes a Monday even more stressful and packed with too much work to do. So, prepare for the coming Monday by finishing up some work on Friday. By taking care of the work, you can start the next week with lesser stress. You might not want to have a desk full of unpleasant tasks waiting to be finished on a Monday morning.

Keep it light and relaxed, and your mood will be better.


Look good Feel good

beat monday blues
Mondays don’t have to be as bad as we think it would be! It can be the day that you dress up sharp and fabulous!

You can feel happier by wearing a snazzy outfit that makes you feel good.

You may not be thrilled about a Monday, but at least don’t make it look obvious by dressing like you are least interested in showing up.

You will be surprised how much the clothes you wear can affect how you are feeling! And not to mention the compliments you will be showered with by your colleagues at the workplace. This will only uplift your mood, and you will feel good from within.

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Make a planned list of things

Monday Blues 5 Ways To Bid Goodbye To Them
Get your To-Do list ready for the new week coming up. You can do it on Sunday, or even on a Friday.

Take some time to plan things out so that it does not become difficult to deal with on Monday. Otherwise, you might start the week feeling clueless and waste a ton of time on planning out what to do throughout the week.

Being prepared in advance is a good way to deal with Monday blues. You will feel more in control, and being ready a day before is surely a smart way to kick start the week.


Now that you know how to beat these Monday blues spend the day pleasantly and happily!

Remember, there is always something good to look forward to – because the weekend is just five days away! The more you let the idea of Monday bother you the more low you will feel.

It can be a great day to start your week with, and before you know it, it’s already over. Try some of these tips and see how it helps you tackle your Monday blues. So, go on and have a great week!