Who doesn’t love Life Hacks? Everyone loves it. The reason behind it is simple — It makes our life a hell lot easier. This post is our very first ‘Life Hacks,’ and we have decided to start with an excellent list of Psychological Life Hacks that will make your social life smoother than silk. Without further ado, here we go with the list of psychological hacks!


1. Chew a “Chewing Gum” if you get nervous.

Psychological Life Hacks Believe it or not, having a “chewing gum” in your mouth makes your Brain believe that you are in the most comfortable situation.

Your brain is tricked into believing ‘if you were in danger, you wouldn’t be chewing anything.’

That’s the reason a lot of people chew gums in public.


2. Pay attention to people’s feet, while approaching them.

When approaching a group of individuals who are already in a conversation, pay particular attention to their feet.

If they turn their torso toward you but keep their feet at their same place, you are probably interrupting them.

If they turn both their body and feet towards you, you are good to be there.

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3. Stay calm when someone is angry at you.

7 Psychological Life HacksFire cannot wipe out a fire. Similarly, your anger cannot calm the other person. It is you who have to stay calm and wait for him to cool down.

No matter what s/he says, only keep listening, and they will feel guilty about it later on!


4. Assume comfort in any situation

Whether you are meeting someone new, or you met him/her just once, assume that you know them since a long time and be as comfortable as you can.

You will be surprised how well it goes.It can even lead people to show interest in you and consequently even liking you.

It can even lead people to show interest in you and consequently even liking you.

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5. Want to hear the complete answer from someone?

Psychological Life Hacks for Easy Social LifeIf you ever want to hear the complete answer from someone, just keep quiet after they have stopped talking about that particular topic. If it goes well, they will start talking about the issue again, within few minutes.

Research suggests that people might reveal even more details than they were going to, in the first instance.


6. Fake it, till you make it!

You become what you believe. If you think you are handsome, you are! If you believe you have enough confidence, you will be full of confidence, no doubt about it! If you want to know more about it, just look up brain rewiring on Google.

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7. Refer to people by their names.

7 Psychological Life Hacks That Will Make Your Social Life EASYTo most people, their name is one of the sweetest things they can hear.

It is not only a good way to remember names, but also a way to make the other individual feel good, as most people like themselves to be called using their name.

It even establishes a sense of trust and friendship right away.