India’s population is 1.2 Billion, and It’s a real shame that we are so many as an individual, still we can’t compete with a country like the USA whose population is nearly half that of us. It’s not like that I want to disgrace my country, but it’s a big shame for all of us. So, what’s wrong and why can’t we produce good athletes? We all know this nation has an abundance of talent.

I came up with few reasons for India’s failure at Rio, and some reasons will surprise you. Olympic is an event where every athlete of this world dream for, wait for and desire for. India has won only nine gold medals in their entire history. Eight were the courtesy of Indian hockey, and one was from Abhinav Bindra.

Here are 7 Reasons For India’s Failure At Rio Olympics 2016 –

Rio 2016 Olympics
Courtesy: USAToday


The government is the biggest reason for India’s failure at Rio Olympics. The government didn’t support their athletes, and we all know how much black money is in our nation. Now I was checking some stats of China performance in previous Olympics. China wins 100 medals in every Olympics they really deserve that. Their Government support them all the kits, accessories, equipment are provided and sponsored by the government.

Why can’t we have this type of government in this Nation? My heart was in pieces when I came to know that Salman Khan was the Olympic goodwill ambassador. Government wake up; it’s Olympics, and it’s not Filmfare we have so much of former Olympians that can become Olympic goodwill ambassador but No this is Indian government that doesn’t value former athletes.


Career Option

In India, if you are graduated and you think you can get a good job then it’s your biggest mistake. After graduation, you can’t get a Job in this nation. So, how you can get a job after participating in Olympics or becoming an athlete. There is very less career option available in India for an athlete. So why would someone go in the field where career choice is less? Rashmita Patra was an ardent footballer, and now she is working as a Now-Betel Shop Owner. Asha Roy was the fastest athlete in India when she clocked 11.85 seconds at the 51st National Open Athletics. And now she is a vegetable seller. So, by these examples, you can understand how much our Government values our own athlete.


Parent’s Mentality

Indian parents only want to see their child progressing in studies nothing else. Half of the parents in India doesn’t support their child if they want to make a career in sports. Indian parents thinking is like; if my kid doesn’t study well then his life will be ruined. Indian parents don’t encourage their children to participate in any sports. We will never see good athletes in this nation if parents thinking remains the same.


Lack Of Infrastructure

Have you seen the arena of gymnastic or any world class arena? We don’t have good infrastructure for a sportsperson. How can we expect our sportsman win medals for this nation at the Olympics? This country is lacking in infrastructure; government should take care about this. But if we look at cricket, there are more than ten world-class grounds in India. Then why can’t we have world class infrastructure for our athletes? If we can spend money on Cricket than why can’t on the arena where the athlete can train themselves.


Politics In Sports

I see politics in every game whether it’s wrestling or boxing. But this politics is actually ruining our nation’s chance to win medals at Rio. In India, the coach selects the players which they like, Irrespective of their talent. And this thing leaves talented athlete on the bench and in the end they give up their dream to win medals at Olympics due to Politics.


Lack Of Exposure

Indian athlete lacks in exposure because they play their sports only in India. And then for the first time, they step out of this country directly into Olympics. With less exposure, they don’t perform well during Olympics.



It’s true Indians do get nervous in mega events like Olympic. We all know the tale of Milkha Singh and PT Usha how they nearly missed their medals in Olympics. In 2012, Our Archery team was world champion but during Olympics, they did nothing. World champion was just a tag written on their face. I have seen Indian hockey conceding last minute goal so much in Olympics that now I cross my finger and pray to God whenever that clock reaches to 59′.

Rio Olympics is not over yet still many hopes for medals. Let’s cheer them.