Dropping out of college is not the end of life, as we know it, yes but on the same hand, it isn’t as “cool” as it sounds. Many celebrities have been drop outs but what you don’t know is many unsuccessful people have also been dropouts, the ones who regret quitting college, alright? So, whatever your dream is, which requires you to opt out of college, you must pay attention to the bad consequences of it as well. It is not necessary that you will be living a movie-star life if you drop out, nor does it say when you do finish it, but attending college has its own perks, and they are as follows:


You get respect from society

Should You Drop Out of College?

That might sound a waste to you, but society does respect those who have attained proper college degrees. It is true that in order to be happy one should do what their heart wants, but they need to live on a social platform and to survive in it, they require sticking to the rules. It wouldn’t be much trouble if you fulfill this minimum code of conduct and get a good degree. Plus, one always learns through education, be it by being a good student.


Do you want to live at home?

Now, do you still want to live with your parents after you finish school? Most of your friends have moved to different cities, in order to stay away from the constant nagging of parents and you are thinking of being with them, without any prior plans? At least, you should know what you want to do other than taking up college if you want to drop out; otherwise, you’ll be someone living with your parents with no career ahead of you. They are not going to be happy about it anyway and won’t let you live in peace.

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Change your subject rather than dropping out

Should You Drop Out of College?

When students don’t like the topic they are mastering in, they decide to drop out rather than changing the subjects. When you are fresh out of school, it is obvious not to be clear on what you want to do which is why many end up taking the wrong subjects, but the easiest way is to drop out; rather you should get the idea what you would like to study in and pick that subject for further study.


Change your college.

Many students leave their current college to enter a better one, which is why it is completely okay to change college in between and start afresh instead of dropping out. It is tough to adjust to a new environment, but one tends to learn a lot with adjustment. But, if all hell bounds you still cannot survive in the atmosphere of college, it is way better to opt for a change of course or college.

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It is easier to give up.

But the answer does not revolve around giving up when the situations are tough. It is tempting to take a break from college when it isn’t easy to study that hard, but you are going to regret that decision in the long run. You should talk to your parents and counselors before you make such a big decision of quitting college.

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College is the best time.

Should You Drop Out of College

In spite of tough studies, whoever has been to college has claimed that it has been the best time of their life. Except for studies, there was no other tension in life and it was all a pleasant time with friends. Everyone gathers together for a group study but ends up chatting more than ever. Plus, there is one friend who is there to help you out with assignments and teach you how to solve most questions just before the exam begins. All these are memories which cannot be replaced and should not be either!


College makes you independent.

It is your first step to getting independence. While school revolved around studies and living with your parents according to their rules, in college you have lesser restrictions. You can’t deny the fact that you can live your free time whichever way you want when you are in college, and it helps you in knowing what all your hobbies are. You will get to know yourself a lot better when there are people around you of your age living their lives. Thus, it is better to stay than drop out of college.