To succeed at work and in life, do not always do the same thing over and over again, you must start changing, renew, but without losing your essence. But how can you ensure that you are getting better every day?

It is assumed that if you set yourself certain goals in life and start working on their achievement, you will automatically improve the quality of your life.

However, with each long-term goal comes a number of problems: what choice should be made, which decision should be made, which way to go, and how much effort you put into it. When you evaluate what is the current quality of your life and see where the gaps are, you can focus on the opportunities that you have to come up with improvements.


Review the experience and the aspects that are most closely related to quality of life

Do Every Day To Improve Your Life

Ask yourself and think about which of these items are present with you, and which do not meet your expectations:

  • Positive emotions – Moments or extended periods of time when you felt any of the positive emotions (happiness, gratitude, closeness, trust, calmness, respect, inspiration).
  • Commitment – Time periods when you are so dedicated to what you do when you have a clear focus so that you lose track of time, and you feel induced to give their best and reach a higher level.
  • Relationships – The quality of our relationships with other people is closely linked to the quality of our lives. The power of social support we have is essential for the development of our capacity for coping with life’s challenges. Connections are often the main source of many other aspects of quality of life, especially positive emotions.
  • The meaning – That’s what extent are all our efforts, and everything we do in life is linked to some “higher goals” significantly contributes to the development of our self-confidence and the desire to continue the efforts. The opposite of that is the feeling that in vain, wasting time on meaningless things that have no connection with any “higher goal.”
  • The achievements – The sense of achievement is closely related to how much time we can achieve with our imagined and defined list of tasks of life. But it also includes just a positive feeling that we have when we solve something much less important (sudoku, crosswords, the level of some games …).


Explore how your brain makes decisions


Many people make decisions every day that affects the quality of life, or routines (the way in which we start the day, what we choose to eat, what clothes we wear …) and the usual response (eating when we are nervous, swearing and shouting at other drivers who annoy us in traffic …) are something like our autopilot. 

It takes a lot of effort to eventually activate a cognitive thinking in such situations, and how to make better decisions. For example, when you feel that you are flooding the unwanted emotions, you have a few moments to ask yourself the for the strategic issues and possibly make a better decision about what you first do or say in such a situation.

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Imagine your ideal way of life 

Do Every Day To Improve Your Life

What habits would you like to have? How do you want to react to certain situations? How would a perfect day look like? Consider a few minutes and then print your wish list. Begin to keep a diary where you record and analyze its ups and downs on the way to achieving its objectives. Do your research, read the forums experiences of other people with problems similar to yours, or seek professional help on some training courses (depending on which aspect of life you want to improve).


Let your goals be specific, achievable, realistic and significant.

It can also help you if you set a time limit for reaching certain goals. That will give you extra motivation and zeal to cling to their achievement.

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Include the people who surround you and who are close to your experiment

If you want to change your daily habit (e.g., Diet) would not be bad to notify people in your environment, so they can help you in achieving this goal instead you unconsciously sabotage.

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Evaluate the results of your experiment

Do Every Day To Improve Your Life

Daily rate, and-guess method which is trying to improve your life. Assess whether these methods give the desired results or need to change your approach. Experimenting with life’s changes do not mean that we should always hold firm to these changes. The knowledge of what does not work is a huge step towards the knowledge of what works.


Get a hobby

Since they are relaxing activities, hobbies are usually favorable. They can help people live healthier and better because they can burn more calories than sitting in front of TV. In one study it was found that people who had a hobby before going into surgery quickly recovered, compared with people who did not have hobbies. People with hobbies tend to have more energy and interest in things and other people.

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Write a list of simple things that give you pleasure

Do them at least a couple of times a week. Write down the things that give you a sense of pleasure and happiness, and review the list regularly, it will be a reminder indicating make time for those simple little things that reinforce the belief that life is good.

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Start a list of things that should “stop doing.”

Do Every Day To Improve Your Life

Take note of the non-productive ways to spend your time and focus on break those habits. Once you break old habits, devote your energy to start new, healthier habits that lead you to self-improvement.

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Turn off the TV – Evidence shows that decreasing television viewing can add years to your life.

According to a study, every hour of TV you see is a reduction of 22 minutes in his life expectancy. Watching television also has a significant impact on your brain chemistry. In fact, the more you watch TV, the easier your brain active and passive, receptive mode, which means that messages are transmitted in your brain without your participation. Therefore, instead of turning off your brain, why not shut down the TV and vigorously participate in any pleasurable activity?

You do not need to be reconciled with what you have. Who told you that? In life, you always aspire to something better and develop. Follow your heart and do what feels right to you.