Jealousy is a natural emotion that can never be controlled. Whether a colleague is getting promotions or a friend tops an examination, a depressing feeling is developed in us.

However, if that jealous feeling is directed in a right manner, it may work in our favor.

Here’s how one should handle jealousy in a graceful manner at different stages of life:


When your ex has moved on

10 Times You Should Handle Jealousy Gracefully

When you find your ex has moved on and see him/her with someone new, you feel like locking up yourself and crying loudly. You wish bad things happen to the couple. All this hatred is justified, however, never keep this jealousy for an extended period. You don’t deserve that feeling, but you can’t stay out of it. You should accept the fact that the person was never meant to be yours, then smile and move on. Find someone who deserves you and your love. You deserve to be loved.


When your friend is making more money at his work

You get a sinking feeling and start blaming your situations for not able to make as much cash as your friend made. This jealous feeling can be converted into a good competition, as your friend’s success will motivate you to do something in your life. You will feel encouraged to work hard and earn more than your friend.


When your fat friend has become hot sizzling bod

10 Times You Should Handle Jealousy Gracefully

It is not at all easy to sweat and lose kilos. All the hard work that your friend has gone through and the food sacrifices that he/she has made have finally revealed the results. In place of being jealous, sincerely praise them for their hard work. Ask them about their weight goals and how they have achieved it and follow it if you want the same.


When your colleague gets promotion

If your colleague deserves this promotion, then let your jealousy motivate you to work for a promotion. And if they do not deserve it, then never be jealous as they were not promoted for their hard work, but something else.

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When your friend gets admission in a prestigious college

You can do nothing about this situation. You have just one option, and that is to study hard at the college you are admitted in and try to top it.

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When someone shows you snaps about their foreign trip

Photographer: Oliver Sjöström

This is a very critical situation for the people who have a passion for traveling. When someone shows you pictures of their foreign trip, especially your friends, it makes you feel jealous. You start feeling sorry for the ordinary life and fantasize of a long exotic vacation. All that you need to do is save for your long trip.


When your best friend is getting married before you

You should never feel sorry about this, but you still did. Moreover, you should have danced freely at your friend’s wedding and gorged on delicious food. Enjoy your single days as a wedding is going to turn your best friend into a grouchy aunt. Try to be happy with the fact that your bestie is going to become an aunt before you!

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When your sibling grabs a bigger Pizza slice

You ought to be jealous in this situation. The next time your sibling gets a bigger pizza slice, order a different pizza just for yourself, put it somewhere where they cannot reach and eat it fully.


When you see, other people are happier than you are!

When your life is partial to you, you start feeling jealous of everyone who seems to be happier than you are. Whether you see a baby sleeping quietly or kids playing in a garden, you wonder how contented they are and how miserable your life is. At such situations, acceptance will offer you peace and serenity. You should accept the pain as a course of life and believe that everyone has problems; it’s not just you!


When your lover is getting attention from someone else

Rather than killing your girlfriend or boyfriend, just keep yourself calm and bask in the fact that both of you are together and love each other a lot.

So, these were some typical situations where jealousy can take its place. There are numerous situations where we get jealous. However, we should take a deep breath and try to take positives out of the situation and be happy about it, rather than being jealous and ending up troubling ourselves.

We should be happy with whatever we have with us and appreciate it. Remember, some people cry for the things that we take for granted.

So respect what you have and respect what others have and work hard to achieve it instead of feeling jealous and wasting your precious time and energy!