Before getting ahead, I want to ask you a simple question, “Why is your present life not relaxed enough?” do you know the reason or are you still figuring out? We’ll if you know the reason, the only thing that needs to be done right away is to cut that shit out and have a relaxed mind.

In case, you are not aware of your issues/distraction or bad time management, here are few tips from our end that can make your life better. And do remember, it is never too late to improve anything. There is no such thing as the “Right time”,all you need to do is to; do it right now and, it will automatically become the “BEST TIME”.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now!


1. Rise Early

Tips For Living A Relaxed Life

If you are not an early riser, start following this ritual from tomorrow itself. Rising early not only has a positive impact on your health, but it also freshens up your mind. And not to forget, the earlier you wake up, the more time you will have. Which will ultimately let you complete the day’s task in an unstressed manner…

You might even get some extra time to spend with your loved ones, isn’t it a superb deal? You are not going to create the next big company or extend your lifespan by sleeping those extra hours. Get up and hustle!


2. Get Some Fresh Air

If you are sitting for 8 hours a day, you need some fresh air to make your brain and body work efficiently. Whenever possible, try to get out of your air-conditioned rooms and get some fresh air with a little exercise. You will be relaxed if you do so.

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3.  Don’t Keep Work Files In your Tablet / Phone

Make sure that you work only when you should! You aren’t required to work all day long. Working for extended hours will only kill your productivity and most importantly it won’t help you to get the job done on time, as you are going to procrastinate, even more,  Believe it or not, it’s human psychology to do so.

Desktop /Laptop is made for work, Table and Cellphones are made for fun and personal use. Don’t mix it up!

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4. Music Heals All

Tips For Living A Relaxed Life

If you are feeling frustrated/stressed, just put on your earphones and play an upbeat song for your ears. You will be surprised how fast your mood changes. Do not play songs that support your current mood, or else you will end up feeling much worse.


5. Disable All App Notifications

You don’t need to check out each and every notification from the apps you don’t even remember installing! Even social media notifications sucks. Why on earth would you care about each and every comment your friend receives on his status update? Or why do you need to know about each and every retweet on real-time?

Unless you are a social media marketer or a lazy guy who has nothing else to do, it’s not fine!

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6. Cut-off time on Social Media

Cut down the amount of time you spend on social sites so that you can have time for better works. Not necessarily for work, but for doing things that provide you with incomparable pleasure. It is much better to spend on yourself than to spend it on facebook and twitter, making them a fortune at the cost of your precious time.

Well, we are not really against social sites, as they help us to connect we people, we never thought of meeting. However, spending so much time on it that you have no time for yourself, is pure idiocracy.

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7. Automate Your Tasks

Automate as many tasks as you can, so that you have more for yourself. The more time you have in your hand, the more relaxed you will feel. If you are not able to automate every task of yours, at least, try to automate simple tasks like paying your cell phone, electricity and gas bills. It might feel like those the smallest and the fastest things thing you can ever do, however, that’s not the fact. You will be amazed to see how much difference those things make in your life.

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8. Unsubscribe from Spam

Tips For Living A Relaxed Life

No matter if takes an hour or a day, try to unsubscribe your email from all brand/shops/blogs that you are not interested in, anymore. The fewer emails you receive, the more productive you will be! It’s a fact that a cluttered space makes the mind procrastinate. Cluttered space does not only relate to your inbox here, it relates to everything in your working environment.