Everything in excess is toxic. Too much salt in the dish is toxic. Too much spice in the food is toxic. Same implies for a relationship, too much care is toxic.

This was the biggest mistake that I made when I was Younger. I used to like a girl, and I tried hard to impress her. I would do everything I could to get her to like me. I was worried about her every time. She was constantly on my mind day and night. I used to text her right after waking up and before going to bed. Her problems felt like mine. I would do anything to solve her problem.

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Here’s the issue, the whole time I was worried about whether she liked me or not.

She has sent me a text message; I guess she has started liking me. Well, she said “yes” to see me this weekend. So maybe she has fallen in love with me. I was analyzing and measuring this.

Instead of just being real me having fun all the time. I was trying to impress her by being what she wants me to be.

How Taking Too Much Care Can Actually Destroy A Relationship
I changed everything about me just to impress her. This is very hazardous, trust me. I have stunted my own personality.

The girl I love sees the different version of me. She hasn’t seen the real me because all the time I was there just to impress her and make her happy. This is not love.

When you give so much care and love, they take you as granted. And the only thing you get in turn is ignorance. Trying too much hard will push them away.

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I’m not saying; you should stop caring about your partner. But everything has a limit.

If your partner isn’t giving you the attention and love you want, gladly let them go.

Stop caring so much about someone who doesn’t give a damn about you. Don’t let them feel like you can’t live happily without them.

Love is only meant to help you, grow you and inspire you. Love is not when another person ignores you, abuse you and plays with your heart.

When you are in the mindset of trying to impress him/her or trying to figure out what s/he wants. It’s almost like you’re making yourself lower than s/he is.

If they are not into you, no amount of care can make them fall in love with you.

Just imagine how many things you can do instead of wasting time on them.

How Taking Too Much Care Can Actually Destroy A Relationship
You can give time to yourself. You can travel the world. You can work on yourself. You can help other guys who were at the same stage like yours. You can inspire someone to get rid of unrequited love. Upgrade yourself. Set a goal and chase that goal. Stop wasting time on someone who is not worthy.

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Working on yourself will make you more attractive, and maybe they will fall in love with you. Or you will find someone better than them.