Not having a girlfriend/boyfriend who cares for you is a bit sad, but in reality, it’s amazing and the best thing that can happen to you (especially, if you love freedom).

Keeping it short and up to a point, Here are the reasons why being single is the best thing in your twenties.

After reading this, You will be glad that you are single!


1. You have The Freedom.

Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Status
Yes, you are Free! You are free with your choices. You can do whatever you wish to, without asking for approval from anyone. Isn’t it awesome? After all, who wants a nagging, about your whereabouts and your late arrivals. If you are single, you have got the right to do whatever the F*CK you want to!

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2. You Are Not Answerable to Anyone.

The twenties are the times when you have lots of things to do — New places to discover and new things to try. The best part is that you don’t have to answer anyone if something goes wrong. Yes, no one would ask you about it (Except parents). Moreover, explaining things to your parents is pretty much easier than explaining your Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Agreed?


3. You Are Free to Go Anywhere.

You are free to go on vacations and discover new places without having to worry about your Relationships. Yup, you are Tension-FREE regarding your BF/GF as you don’t have one! Go places with your friends, get lost there and just forget if it will cause any issues in your life or not. You can do it all, and all of these are possible just because right now you are living for “YOU” and no one else.


4. You have the whole Bed.

Going to bed whenever you want to and sleeping however you like is nothing less than extraordinary. I guess we don’t have to say more about this!

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5. You can Focus on Your Career.

Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Status
First thing first, Career is more important than having a sweet GF/BF. Of course, relationships are important too, but only in your later life. Presently, as you are single, you have got the freedom to follow your passion without guilt. You can go after whatever career you want and work different shifts without having to hear your GF/BF complaining — “You don’t give me enough time, I guess you don’t love me anymore!”


6. Your Failures are — ONLY YOUR’s.

When you are single, you don’t have to carry responsibility on your head. You are free to learn, earn, fall and grow without having to think if it will cause a problem with your significant other. Your Accomplishments, Your Failures, and Your Missed Shots are total — YOUR’s. Therefore, You are entirely free to fail as many times as you can; no one will have a problem with it.


7. You Can Date Anyone.

In your twenties, every other girl/guy that passes by you seems *Hotter* and better than your Present. Right? Well, when you are single you have got the opportunity to run after any one of them, and no one will question you (Of course, don’t be a pervert though). Go on dates with different people and then decide who fits in the best for you!


8. You Don’t Have to Look Good Constantly.

Unshaven face/No Make-Up? No issues, you aren’t there to impress someone. The one who’s got the problem with it should better learn to deal with it. However, Just make sure you know the down points of doing so.

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9. You Have Enough Time For Friends and Family.

Being single means, you can spend your time in the way you want. You can spend weekends with your friends and celebrate every moment with no regrets. Same goes with family too; they should be your priority too. You are growing Young, But your parents are growing older, and you need to make every moment spent with them “unforgettable,“ or it’s a waste of your *Single Status*.


10. You Don’t Have To Go Through Bullshits.

Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Status
Being single means, no one can throw BSs on your way. Even if they do, you can return it!


11. You are FREE to go After Every Opportunity.

The opportunity can be Career Related, Travel Related or an opportunity to get along with a cute guy/girl. You are free to go after anyone of them. There are little chances that someone will oppose your moves. Your parents won’t object, your friends have got nothing to do with the opposition and at last, you don’t have a GF/BF who would have opposed. Isn’t this amazingly cool too?


12. You Don’t Have To Keep Your Room Clean.

If you are into a Job, you get just two days to spend as you want, why would you like to spend it cleaning up the room? After all, your room is only an organized mess for you. Being single means, you have got the freedom to live the way you want, as you’ve got no one to impress.

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13. You Don’t Need to be Serious with Life.

Make mistakes and learn from them. After all, that’s what all life is about! However when you fall into a relationship early; you limit yourself. You are always surrounded by thoughts regarding your relationship, which limits your learning, you fear taking a new risk or in walking the road less taken. Doing so, not only prevents you from learning valuable life lessons but also hampers your success.


14. You Can Spend All Your Money on — Yourself.

Whatever you have in your pocket right now is yours. There is no extra saving for your GF/BF. You can spend all the money on yourself and be without guilt. And yeah! How can we forget about that delicious PIZZA? All the six pieces are yours, and you don’t need to share with anyone.

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15. You Don’t Always Have To Be Nice.

Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Status
Sometimes you just feel like giving back a bunch of *not so kind words* to someone. But you are unable to do so, as that *someone* is your BF/GF. Well, if you are single, you are out of this mess and should be happy about it. By being nice constantly, you are going to lose up your mind, either in front of your significant other or silently in your mind.