People’s capacity to succeed in life is limited by their own mindset. They believe that they can’t start a business, have a good relationship, afford a new house or recover from their sickness. Because their own thinking is limited, they try their best to put other individuals in a box as well.

But there is an individual who defied this box, and that person is ‘Lena Kay.’ Just like an ocean refuses to kiss the shoreline no matter how many times it is sent its way; this beautiful girl never gave up on her dreams.

Meet Lena Kay - A Bright Spark In The Dark

Lena Kay was born in Kurdistan, but her birth was not ordinary. She was overdue; her mum visited the doctor many times to check whether it was time for her delivery. After several visits, she was born but without a heartbeat, stillborn, and seemed like an alien. The doctor declared her dead on the spot. After the doctor departed, the nurse came in and slapped her a few times, and Lena started crying. It seems like difficulty was woven into the fabric of Lena’s life right from birth.

Lena and her family came to London as refugees. Living in the most expensive city in the world was not an easy task for a bourgeoisie family. Lena grew up with the thought of not having enough.

She started working the moment she was legally allowed to work in the UK. She became a corporate leader in a few years. Everything was going fine for her. Even though everything about her looked flawless, her inner self was erupting like a volcano.

In her mid-twenties, everything changed for her in the blink of an eye. She had a turbulent relationship with her parents and partner. She was going through depression and anxiety and had a brain tumor. She was thrown out of her home. She stayed outside drinking alcohol, smoking weed, snorting cocaine and smoking cigarettes.

Lena was trying to decamp and find a way to feel good, but none of her attempts worked. She was inadequate financially because neither her parents nor her university educated Lena on how to manage her money. Lena’s life was stuck in a rut between the corporate world and the hostel.

Her life was cast with darkness. But one bright spark can always light up the dark.

In her case, the bright spark was a video of Abraham Hicks.

In Hicks’ video, she was talking about how an individual’s mind creates all the misery in their life. This video changed Lena’s life. She was stunned by this concept and started researching more about it.

Lena wanted to change her situation as soon as possible. She began studying neuroscience, attended medical seminars, watched YouTube videos and tried to contain more positivity in her veins. Lena started observing people who had been through situations worse than hers. She did this to re-wire her brain to believe that if these people could overcome the odds, so could she.

Soon her recovery started happening at breakneck speed. Lena read the Holy Bible, Holy Quran and Bhagavad Gita in her revival process. She found God walking in every single religion, but she found it best when she walked herself with God. There was no one between her and the creator of the universe.

Lena started following a practical approach to life. She decided not to complain about anything, always maintain gratitude and not to have any expectations from life. She started journaling as a way to empty her mind so that new thoughts could occupy her mind. She started observing people with no judgment and began experiencing her life as if nothing was wrong or nothing was right. She started telling her inner self that no one controlled her emotions apart from herself. She started focusing on feeling good instead of focusing on what was wrong and on health instead of sickness. With each step she took, she kept on changing.

Meet Lena Kay - A Bright Spark In The Dark

You can’t share your dreams with average people. They will kill them before you have a chance to nurture them. – Lena Kay

In Lena’s story, there was no luck. She worked extremely hard and did a lot of back-breaking work to make herself an ‘Apex Predator.’

She says luck is for losers and winners never quit even if they face a setback. She achieved everything in life as she desired despite people telling her that she couldn’t do it.

People said she could never set up a business, but she did. They said she could never make the money she wanted, but now she has more money than she had ever thought. They said she could never have a long-distance relationship. Lena was in London while her partner was in New York. They travelled back and forth to meet each other for two years. They are getting married this February. In your face haters! The doctor told her that she couldn’t heal her body. But she defied what the doctor said. People always tried to throw dirt at her, knock her down and chop her down, but she defeated everyone.

Lena’s guidance to anyone who is facing depression –

“You have to take responsibility for how you feel. Take responsibility, okay? I can change this. Change your focus. Change your mindset. Express gratitude. Be patient. You have to stay committed to the process. You plant a tomato seed, and if the next day there’s no tomato, you get angry. Many people just quit. They don’t bother going through the losses. They quit while the winners keep going. Winners face setbacks, life happens, but they keep going.”

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