Getting things done is probably the toughest work in the universe, especially if it is to be done by someone else.

Some people like to eliminate the stress of asking others. Hence, decide to do things on their own. However, the fact is – you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Even if you do so, you will probably waste a lot of time, which you would have otherwise spent on building something else.

Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been able to create a company like Apple if he had to do everything by himself.

Here are some tricks that will allow you to direct people to do something without being aggressive on them.

Successful individuals have been able to manipulate people regularly (in a good way), and that’s the reason you call them “SUCCESSFUL.”

So, without further ado,  let’s dive straight into the hacks!



Don’t command

Hacks To Make People Willingly Follow Your Orders
People will hate you if you command. Also, they will probably not complete your work on time if you are too commanding. Instead of saying, “You better fulfill this task by evening.” you can alter your sentence to make it sound better. You can use “Can you please get this done by this evening”? The latter phrase sounds better, and the other person is most likely to complete the task on time.

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Care for them

Don’t show that you care for them as a boss or the one who needs to get things done. Act in a way that they feel that you are genuinely caring for them and that they are important to you!

When you are busy, don’t just say “I am busy,” you can instead say “I will get back to you in a while.”

Saying this will make them feel that you care about their problems and they have a place in your list of priorities.

You won’t make them feel offended, and you can continue what you were doing.


Change your working style

If things aren’t working the way you want, consider changing your working style. Adapt a change to be more productive.

If your team members want to work in the morning, Why not permit them to do so?

Of course, do so only if it doesn’t harm your business.

Even if you aren’t completely okay with the timings or other changes at this point, you will learn to adapt with time.

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Add curiosity

Hacks To Make People Willingly Follow Your Orders
Don’t just ask for something. Add a sense of curiosity to your sentences and see how well you can make that person do the things you wanted.

Make them feel special. Make people feel that they are perfect enough to add value to your work.

Instead of saying, “Can you help me with this,” you could say, “I was wondering if *this* is the right approach to do it? Can you give me a hand in this.” Isn’t it simple?


Always Smile

People who always smile are irresistible. Just consider this, a person comes to you saying something, he has a pleasant smile while asking you out. Can you say NO to him/her? Of course, you can’t! No matter how bad your day is, put a smile on your face, and you will be irresistible.