There are very few young people who dare to wean the paternal home voluntarily to become self-sufficient, autonomous, independent people, who can make their own decisions, set goals and strive to achieve a successful career in a short time.

Your twenties is the age to discover what you really like about the world and how you fit there. The transition from a lifestyle without significant responsibilities to the “real world” makes 20 years will be a decade of hard lessons. Wherever you are at the age of 20, whether independent or even if you’re with your parents, with your career or graduate school, you can learn from those who have already been through this.

In any case, you must know that a successful career in your twenties is not something that is unattainable or something for which you’re still young. You just need to know what you should focus on the way to achieving a successful career.


Ability to cope in a diverse environment

How to be Successful in Your Early 20'sWhen you have four generations of employees at a workplace, understanding diversity and competence in such an environment is increasingly gaining in importance. People of different generations generally have divergent views on the position, sources of motivation and ways of communicating. Therefore, managers should use different styles of management and communications for each employee.

A strategic approach to diversity gives companies a competitive advantage because it provides the largest selection of candidates and recruits the best personnel. If you take advantage of diversity as an asset, it is possible to motivate and retain the best workers feel like part of the team. Thus, formed teams provide the best solutions to business problems because they have a variety of ideas and inputs.


Knowledge of different cultures

One of the most important leadership skills or business skills, in general, is certainly a cultural competence. But, unfortunately, this is the weakest point, or the weakest skills according to the research, which was based on relations between people of different cultures.

Business people who are culturally agile are not necessarily those who spend a lot of time in an airplane or have the most stamps in the passport. Prior you could say that the development of cultural agility is an active process that requires social learning in new contexts. Also refers to the practical application of behavior that is appropriate in new cultural environments, as well as the opportunity to make mistakes, get feedback and re-examine their assumptions.

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Global mentality

How to be Successful in Your Early 20'sAbility to work with different cultures also helps companies in competition with competitors in other countries. In today’s business climate, it’s more important to understand the political and social impact on the business in different countries.

Almost every company can do business around the world and to employ in all meridians. The fastest economic growth is achieved in Asia and South America; a key skill would be – how to qualify, sell and communicate with these global markets.


Effective conflict resolution

Companies are placing a greater emphasis on members of the teams who can do well to cooperate with others, deal with the problems that arise and prevent major conflicts.

This includes soft skills like ‘Nonviolent Communication,’ which is the art of finding the right words to express dissatisfaction. This is a crucial and often decisive when it comes to employment.

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Willingness to learn

Another of the skill necessary for success is flexibility and openness to new knowledge. Days had passed when professionals were in a position to consider their education complete and finished. Now you must be willing to learn and accept the fact that you will always extend the range of your skills.

Specific skills such as using software or equipment can be relatively easily mastered when a person is open and willing to learn and has a solid reading skill, listening, and thinking.

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Excellent communication skills

How to be Successful in Your Early 20's

The demand for technical expertise remains high, but if you want to advance your career, you will have to match them with communication skills.

Study programs and employers often focus on hard skills, but then end up with employees who do not know how to work with other people or cannot effectively communicate a complex idea.


Understanding the analytics

Analytics is relevant to all aspects of your business, or career; to progress, you have to be able to read and understand.

Through demographic analysis of existing clients, using the analytics to target you and create a large base of potential customers.

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