Many times, going through just one or two bad things in life will make us feel depressed and ill. To make ourselves feel good again – we only require few positive things.

Perception is what matters the most. If you only look at the bad things in life and pay attention to them, beautiful things will just pass you by, without you even noticing them.

It is necessary to shift your focus from the bad to the good things and to spot more positive than negative things. This way, you will see the never seen before side of your life, and feel much better.

Although it is sometimes difficult to find the positive in life when everything else is turning upside down – but this is just an illusion. To feel better, it’s enough to have few moments in a day when we consciously appreciate what we have. Small things in life give us the most happiness.

If you are still unable to get past through it, here are some ways that will help you to improve your day and make you feel better instantly:


Dedicate yourself

How To Feel Better

Try to stay focused in life. Commit yourself to new things, things you have never done before. You will gain new strength and a sense of value. When you build your ego based on the uncertainty of other people around us, you spread negative energy. If you can say “This is me, here I find myself, and I accept it,” then you are progressing in life, and this should be enough to make you happy.


Do Something nice for someone – without any reason

If you can, do something nice for someone. It is a special feeling to do something nice for someone you do not know.

Buy food for the homeless, offer your help to the elder, compliment someone from your heart or whatever that may make you feel happy.

Especially if you believe in the law of karma, do remember that these kind gestures you do for others will bring you more pleasure and happiness in life.

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Take the initiative to improve your situation

feeling betterAsk yourself: What can I do about this situation? How could I draw the best out of this? What lessons can I learn from this?

We cannot change the cards we are dealt; we can just change the way we play.


Figure out what you want the most

Being happy does not mean you have to put on a smile and to do things that you do not want to.

Real peace and joy come when you have enough maturity to understand your needs and go after them. Put yourself first, not others. Too many people put other’s first and then cry when they don’t get the loyalty in return.

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Always try something new

How To Feel Better

Everyone needs to go through days when we are not in the mood, Energy level gets sucked up, and you are confused about what to do and what not to.

If you are going through the same, you need to find something that will move you out from this dark place.

When you think that there are no good things left in your life, then you might not know how to find them.

Take a walk and try to find 20 new things you have never noticed. Make sure you find at least 20, don’t come up with an excuse here. Once you do, stop and check your feelings.

Maybe you will not feel dramatically better or different, but you are going to (at least for some time) turn thoughts around and start thinking about something else instead of what’s bothering you and depressing.

If you practice this regularly, you will reach a point where you will start doing this in an unplanned way. You will be looking for new things in life and notice things that you previously have not.

Soon you will be able to see solutions to your problems that you didn’t see until then and that just might be the help you needed.

Solve the problem and start with the list again to feel better.