There are moments when it is better not to think about anything and to focus your attention on the present and the moments for what you now feel, be it whatever. In this way, you come in contact with them, with what you really are and not what you think you are.

When you come into contact with the real self, the part of you that feels and lives in the present moment you can be happy and at ease. Happiness and peace of mind will become part of your everyday life if you stick to these new habits.

Happiness and joy of life are not a matter of your success and positive developments, but rather a matter of lifestyle and attitude towards yourself. Reduce over-thinking, learn how to stop over-thinking about yourself because it’s really harmful habit.

Instead of thinking about yourself, surrender to the present moment and what you are experiencing now, whatever that is. If you are not experiencing any feelings, that’s okay too. Regularly moments of silence will suit your restless mind.

In this article, we will present you a few habits that will help you to convert yourself to a much simpler and more intelligent person, but it will also help you to live life with a lot less fear and much happier.


Here’s how to stop thinking about yourself, and how to stop over-thinking about everything, in general:


Put things in the right perspective.

How to Stop Over-thinking

To do this, ask yourself: Will this matter in a few weeks, months or years? This will help you to realize whether it is something that really matters and whether it is worthwhile to give it as many laps.

Act. When you’re thinking you’re not acting but you’re living in your mind, staring and doing nothing (except inside your head). Change that for anything that involves action and concentration at the same time, so that there is no space in your mind to spin your thoughts. That is, stay active and busy.


Use the self-instruction:

“I will not think about this now.” For example, many people get to think about their problems and get into bed, instead of sleeping, they are just becoming obsessed and insomniacs.

That may be a good time to use the previous sentence. If this is something you worry a lot, take a quick note to remember to think about it the next day and prohibit yourself to do that now.

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Put a deadline for making a decision.

How to Stop Over-thinking

If you take too long to make a decision and do nothing but to think about it, you can put a deadline, to force yourself to make a decision by that date and act accordingly.

When the fear motivates your thoughts that something wrong will happen to you, ask yourself what are the real chances that something bad to happen? If it happens, what’s the worst that can happen? You really would be so terrible? You’ll die? Such questions serve to realize that you are surely exaggerating, it’s not as unlikely as you think and, if it happens, nor is it as bad as you imagine and you are not as helpless as you think because you probably have the ability to solve.


Focus on the present.

When you are caught in your mind, you are not in the present, but in the past (thinking about a bad thing that happened to you) or future (thinking about bad things that could happen to you). As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, live and think only in the present (how to do so), burdensome past and future put aside. Thinking about the present will help you to stop over-thinking.

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Stop talking about the issue with everyone.

How to Stop Over-thinking

Some people not only become obsessed alone but also talk with a friend about the issue endlessly, again and again. This not only serves to give a headache to your patient friend but also promotes your obsession. When you’re with someone seizes the moment to do just the opposite: get out of your mind, your worries and focus on more pleasant things. If you really feel the need to talk, try to write it and then read it for yourself.

So you must learn to control your mind and for this, you need to stop over-thinking. But apparently you cannot stop thinking and put your mind blank; if you’ve ever tried, you know that’s impossible. But what you can do is to eliminate “noise” that produce so many random thoughts. Quickly disposing of empty containers to focus your mind on anything that can help you to have happier thoughts.