Many people get up tired, in a bad mood and without energy in the morning. And what about you? Have you ever wondered why you live? What is the meaning of all this? Depression, apathy, and doubts about oneself are parasitic things that affect many people.

Surely even you have felt apathy at some point in your life. Why is this happening to us? It’s because we get discouraged at different times in our lives. For this, we must understand the difference between pain and suffering. Well, pain is something that you cannot avoid, but to suffer – is optional, and you should choose not to suffer.

How to Find Your Life Purpose

It’s clear that if you have been distressed for more than two months, you are suffering. Pain has its own cyclical process in which it not only makes you feel bad but also makes you know how to appreciate the importance and wisdom of that experience. Therefore, there are also other positive emotions that accompany that pain. To know the difference, you can ask yourself right now:

Do I see something practical and positive about this undesirable situation?

If you can respond with “Yes” it means that you are aligned with your mission of life, with your soul, which only nourishes itself from experiences. These experiences make you learn from life, make you feel that you are transforming and evolving as a person. Have you not been able to answer anything positive? Rather are you cursing that situation? Then maybe you don’t understand what is happening to you and your circumstances. There is a disconnection with your life purpose.


What is the purpose or meaning of life?

How to Find Your Life Purpose

There have been many religions, teachers, and scientists who have tried to explain the purpose of life since the beginning of humanity. To answer, I think we must differentiate between common purpose and individual purpose. The common purpose is that in which we are all involved as humans, as people, as a race.

The individual purpose is that which concretely concerns you. That concrete and specific thing that you contribute to this great community, where, if we look with perspective, we all function as brothers. Let’s concentrate fully on this second purpose, in your sense to be alive.

If we think of the word SENSE, in part, what we have to say is DIRECTION. Therefore, your sense of life is the direction you must follow to live in balance, to feel the fullness of your being.

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When I speak of direction, although it may sound something spiritual, I assure you that it has a lot of practical and physical part. Specifically, when I talk about the direction of your life I talk about:

What do you do only when you wake up in the morning?

What is your job?

Where and with whom you live?

How do you get along with the people around you?

What do you do in your free time?

What are you eating?

How much time do you spend alone in silence with yourself?

How do you speak to yourself?

What do you think of yourself?

Your routine, everything you do in each moment of your life, either going in the right direction or going in the opposite direction.


How to know if I’m going in the right direction?

How to Find Your Life Purpose

It’s very easy. Do you know how to distinguish between that uncomfortable pain, like that of injection, that doesn’t do anything funny, but that helps you to spend months, even years, feeling good?

If you know how to distinguish it, you will know that you are going in the right direction. Because although sometimes things hurt you, they complicate or bother you, they are helping you to live better.


You know that they are only part of a process and that it is very worthwhile to pass that toll because then you will have enhanced your qualities more, you will have improved your quality of life or relationships with others.

However, if you are feeling bad before, during and after the things you do, something is definitely wrong. You are running against the direction, or you are not doing the right things, or you are not interpreting them properly to be able to advance in your DIRECTION.

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If you have been feeling bad about yourself and your life for more than two months, and you don’t see the meaning of this suffering, it is time to:

  1. Take time to self-observe and get to know you better
  2. See what you do in your routine
  3. Take your agenda and review all the points we saw to build a motivating routine for you

You only have one life to experience everything you want. Those things that have caught your attention or that you have been interested in are probably the things that you should pay more attention to.

Another way to find your talent or your purpose is by looking at the biggest difficulties in your life. When have you suffered more? There, somewhere behind are also your best skills, because you have overcome something that cost you, and that has its merit.

If you already have in mind some routine, ritual or action that you think would bring you quality life and would help you to feel better, tell me, have you already tried to implement it at all costs?